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Nicotine Decontamination

Nicotine Decontamination

Residue from long-term cigarette smoking can leave your home or business looking and smelling extremely unpleasant. Ar Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc., we can help you recover from these types of issues. Are you finding it diffucult to sell your home because it smells like smoke? Are you finding it difficult to rent out your apartment because the nicotine & cigarette odor is too powerful? We can help!

With our revolutionary new EDS Product, we can eliminate the nicotine, cigarette and smoke odor in mere hours. Photos below detail the process for an exceptionally high exposure to nicotine smoke...

 In this photo, you can clearly see the nicotine/cigarette contamination behind the furniture. It has actually turned the walls yellow:

Here, you can see an Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. technician applying the EDS solution to the effected area:

Finally, you can see that the EDS process breaks down the nicotine/cigarette decontamination at it's source, and pushes the contaminated area to the surface of the walls:

Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. is experienced in handling all types of odor and nicotine/cigarette decontamination. If you have an issue and would like to consult one of our project managers, please call us at: 480-775-8000.