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Our Owner

About Our Owner, Lyle Book

Who is Lyle Book?

Lyle's Personal Interests
Lyle Book is the owner and president of Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.  Although he has been in the construction business for 40 years, he is a devoted father and husband.  Meet Lyle and his family.
  Learn about Lyle's interests and hobbies, such as his reading list, favorite sports teams, and recreational activities. Learn more.
Lyle's Resume

Lyle leads one of the largest full-service restoration companies in Arizona.  Read his resume to learn more about his experience and understand why Arizona Fire Water is the successful and respected company that it is.
  Lyle's faith plays an important part in his personal life as well as his professional life.  It informs his business decisions, his relationships with both his colleagues and customers, and his involvement with community associations and charities in Arizona.  Learn more.